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From the recording POOPER SCOOPER

For now, here is a really crappy version of this barroom classic.


Oh, Lord, I'm so damn bored, must be somethin' I could do
Drivin round this lonely town, tryin' to shake away these blues
One more whore is out the door, she got paid and I got screwed
Now I wait for the heavenly gates to open up and let me through

So I can say,"Hey God, what kind of joke is this?
I had too much to drink and I can't find a place to piss
I'm just lookin' for a reason why my world has turned to shit
But I guess I'm in the wrong place so I'll turn around and go back to it

Now I'm back, I'm gamblin' at the track, this time I'll pay the world my dues
Place my bet as I light up a cigarette, fix my hair and tie my shoes
Now it's done, the race is won, I picked a horse that's born to lose
It ain't no joke cause now I'm broke, i just can't shake away these blues

And now the wheel got stuck and I just crashed my truck
I guess I got too drunk and now I'm shit out of luck
If the cops come 'round then I'll be shackled up in cuffs
Life is getting tougher, better yet, you can say that I'm fucked!
Yes, siree, I'm fucked......

Now I'm stoned, my mind is blown, from all these drugs that I abuse
Take a little toke as I line up some coke, wash it down with a little booze
One more line, I'm feelin' fine, I think it's time I took a cruise
Head for the bar in my new car, along the way I took a snooze

And now the man in blue just got me in his view
Sleepin' at the wheel was not the best thing I could do
Instead of pullin' over, I just hit the gas and flew
Crashed into a trash can, then I knew that I was born to lose....