From the album POOPER SCOOPER

I was hunting for that vibe you get after partying all night and the sun is coming up, that feeling that tells you to just keep on driving and leave everything behind..... also intended as a metaphor for the awakening one feels at the moment of one's own death.


It's early in the mornin' and I wish that I was sleepin', but I'm busy gettin' stoned
Tryin' to keep my eyes from crossin' as I roll along upon a quiet desert road
It's gettin' kind of lonely so I'm lookin' for some music on my A.M. radio
But all I hear is static so I open up the window and I let the cold breeze blow

It's rainin' in the mountains, and in the distance I can see the clouds begin to roll
And out on that horizon, there's a little patch of lightnin' and it's creepin' through my soul
The sunlight hits a rainbow, I'm wonderin' if I should go and try to find the gold
But I'll just keep on dreamin' cause I got a lot of freedom and it's creepin' through my soul

And I'm movin' on down the open road
And I'm gettin' on, but I'm gettin' old
At the break of dawn

And now I'm makin' my way into a brighter day, I'm just a shadow on the road
Headin' into the rays of a beautiful haze and I hope that it's takin' me home
And as the sun comes up, I'm gonna fill my cup and raise a toast to friends I've known
And in the morning light, I'm gonna say good night and go to sleep with a smile on my soul

Copyright 2005 Dog of the Moon

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