From the album LUNAR TUNES

We've all had days like this where you're body is stuck to the bed and you don't want to make the effort to get up and face the world. Thanks to hangovers, I think I've had way more lazy days than the average Joe.....


Well, I'm lyin' on the bed with my head on the pillow
I don't wanna get up, I'd rather sleep instead
cause my mind is kind of tired, I don't wanna think today
I'd rather be a dreamer, dream the world away
Yes, I'm sick of my job, I don't care about the money
In dreams I have gold and all the wealth I need
Call my work on the phone, they can take their milk and honey
I want the gold and they can have their greed

Cause I'm crazy on lazy days, yes I'm crazy on lazy days

I'm a man of good intentions, but my body wants to rest
If I stay here in the bedroom that would probably be best
Got a lack of concentration and its drivin me insane
Got a headache for a pillow and a pillow for a brain
I don't want to be awakened, tell my friends I'm not at home
Today I feel strange and I just wanna be left alone
There's a little man on my shoulders tellin' me to stay in bed
If I try to get up I'll probably wind up dead

Cause I'm crazy on lazy days, crazy on lazy days

My bedroom is a temple, I'm the king of my throne
The palace where I lie and try to rest my bones
It's a kingdom for my dreams when I'm on top of the world
A place to be alone or maybe sleep with my girl
It's a doorway to the soul and its a paradise to me
A castle for my thoughts where I can think and be free
It's a quiet constellation, an open universe
A place for relaxation, it is heaven to this earth

Cause I'm crazy on lazy days, crazy on lazy days
Yes, I'm crazy on lazy days, crazy on lazy days

Copyright 2001 Dog of the Moon

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