From the recording POOPER SCOOPER

I wrote this after an ex-girlfriend stated that she was going to kill me in my sleep. Inspiration often comes from some messed up situations. Good thing she didn't follow through on her word, though.....


This road I walk is a friend I can talk to
It hears me out when I'm tired and down
I travel on with the hopes of redeeming
A lonesome life in this old ghost town

I see my friends and I wonder what they're feeling
It makes me sad when they stand so alone
I feel their pain, but it seems to be revealing
A tall, tall wall that seperates us all
And I can't climb until I take the fall

I've crossed that bridge that I built before I burned it
I've set on fire all the things that I believe
I've stood on the edge of my death and I'm learning
That this whole world is still a friend to me
And I can see that I can hardly breathe

I cry sometimes when I try to make a living
I work all day and they take away my pay
It gets so hard when it seems that I am giving
My life away just to take what I can't keep
So wake me up or kill me in my sleep

Copyright 2005 Dog of the Moon