From the album LUNAR TUNES

A song about a dreamlike state between the loss of hope and the desire to stay alive. A surreal take on mortality and the ultimate fate of an individual's disappearing reality.


Woke up to face the morning, but the morning let me down
It came so fast I could barely see the sky
And though I heard the warning, I was told to hang around
To face the fear and the fact that I might die

I was dancing to the radio when I heard someone outside
The rain was gone, but the sky was low, and I saw her wave goodbye
I shed a tear cuz she had to go, had to go somewhere and hide
The beat was clear, but my heart was slow and I thought that I would die

I was headin' down the freeway on a road beneath the sky
Lookin' for a getaway, some way to say goodbye
My door was closed when she said,"Would you like to learn how to fly?"
The road became a runway and I thought that I would die

I was walkin' through the gallows when I saw the hangman turn to greet me
As time was throwing shadows and I wondered how my life would free me
The sun was down, the sky was open and I pondered for a while
I felt the rope and began to choke, and at first I felt a smile, but I survived....

Copyright 2001 Dog of the Moon

Copyright 2016 Dog of the Moon