From the recording POOPER SCOOPER

Another song from the 2001 demo. This was written while living at a halfway house in another failed attempt to tame my wicked ways. A very heartfelt and sincere performance at the time.


Once there was a time when I was living in the darkness
Digging in a hole that only led me deeper down
I couldn't find my way, my head was filled with desperation
I had nowhere to turn and there was nobody around

Everything was meaningless, I had to raise the question
"Where did I go wrong, how can I make another start?"
So I looked inside and realized I had all I ever needed
As long as I could let a little light into my heart

Now the world is changing and my mind is getting stronger
It's a miracle I'm still alive to sing another song
There's a feeling that the clouds have lifted, everything is brighter
And the life I left behind is passing on

I'm rising up from the ruins

I never paid attention to the sun in the sky
Cuz it only seemed to burn my eyes
But now I'm feeling different, there's a change in my mind
And I think I'm finally free to fly.....

I'm rising up from the ruins
I'm rising up from the ruins

Help me bury the dead
Help me carry all the life that I have left
Help me take another step
Help me make it on this journey..... as I move ahead!

I'm rising up from the ruins

Copyright 2001 Dog of the Moon