Whatever happened to America?
They got ya snitchin on the ones outside
They say to keep your social distance, while they stand together side by side
Can’t ya see em laughing at us
as they hide behind a thin disguise
They're desecrating our existence
as they fill our head with hollow lies

They done and locked down the people, theyre stayin safe in the comfort of home
But there is something they aint sayin, they made the whole world a danger zone
I think theyre coverin their asses,
I think their flushin us down the tubes
And as they gather up the masses,
they know that some of us will blow our fuse
Cuz we got nothin to lose and nothin to do
But stock up on the booze, I got the Rockefeller Lockstep Blues

It’s heatin up in Arizona
its like the whole state has got the flu
I’ve got a case of corona
but I don’t think I should share it with you
They say were sick and contagious
they got us shakin and prayin alone
They got us stuck in our cages
I think its time that we put down our phone
And take back the Throne!

Send a message to the world
we gotta rescue every boy and girl
so they can have a future
Send a message to the world
as the New World is unfurled,
we don’t have the time to waste

Theyre getting ready for the rapture, Christ is coming to collect his due
All the monkeys will be captured ,
we’ll send em straight to the city zoo
But the devils got our children
He made em slaves to the underground
He’s got em naked and obeyin,
Theyre screamin out, but theyre never found

And the politicians payout
Is just a bailout for the banker scum
They got their greedy little fingers
On a six trillion dollar sum
So rise up and fight the system
This ain’t the time for a holiday
We’ve gotta gather the resistance
We gotta make all the scumbags pay
We gotta lock em away,
we gotta lock em away
Or we’ll have hell to pay
If we don't lock em away