1. Homemade Brew


If you’re tired of feeling lonely, if you’re tire of feeling blue
There’s somethin that I gotta tell you, somethin that you outta do
Head on down to the corner, bring yourself a big, old mug
Cause Papa’s in the kitchen & he’s got himself a mission & he’s puttin it in a jug
Come on over, come on down, come on over, we’ll pass the jug around

Well the party’s just gettin started, everybody is feelin good
If ya bring a cup, we can fill it up and pass it round the neighborhood
Come on over, come on down, come on over, we’re gonna party down

We can get a little jiggy with a jug of moonshine,
juggle up some friends & have a damn good time
We can hug that jug as we take another sip,
chuggin down the mug & lickin our lips
We can tip up our hats & kick off our shoes,
Slip into a buzz with a bottle of booze
So don’t be shy cause I’ve got some good news,
there’s plenty more barrels of that homemade brew

You can step on the grapes that are hangin on the vine,
mash it all up and make a little wine
You can pour that crap in a fancy glass,
but people round here will probably kick your ass
Cause we like the taste of the harder stuff,
people round here like to play a little rough
So I gotta good deal that you can’t refuse,
just pour that shit out and try some homemade brew

We can wrestle on the roof and smoke a little grass,
dance around the streets in our underpants
We can take off our shirts and kick off our boots,
run around town in our birthday suits
We can bump our booties til the sun comes up,
drink a little more til we all throw up
And if the cops show up, we can do a little jig,
we can fill our bellies up with some roasted pig

If ya gotta good woman, well don’t be shy,
go and get a taste of that poontang pie