Detonator Blues
We made it to the moon, but it still seems further than it used to be
The rockets that we build now tumble to the ground
Where the highway stretches over miles of road, looking for a new place to go
Digging up sand as we tear up the land just to live in a place called home
Slippin' on the sidewalk, listen to the people talk,
Mindless in their words and their new philosophies
Scholars of a new day, pilots on the runway
Everybody caught up in the shufflin' breeze
Have another drink, there's not much time to even think
Because the weather's getting colder and the sun is going down
Catch up on the news, take a match and light the fuse
There's no need for your frustration as the detonator sounds
Ghetto bomb blastin' to the neighborhood beat
Doin' time in the doghouse, livin' on the street
Where the junkie does the funky kind of thing he has to do
Shootin' alley-wall speedball in the city zoo
Gettin' high on the black tar, watch out for the cop car
Cravin for the needle, but he'll never get too far
Caught up in the shuffle of the hustle and bustle
Pickin' fights with the people, but he don't hold a muscle
To the white collar, high dollar fancy business suits
Makin' all that money so that he can blow a toot
Of that white class cocaine rich party ass
Sippin' on tequila from a champagne glass
Boom, boom, ba-ba-ba, bang, bang, baby
Boom, boom, ba-ba-ba, bang, bang, baby, bye, bye!
Crazy white bitches makin' love to the government
Law makin', tax payin', money always well spent
Power to the people, to the people in the white house
Legislation, politics, it's just another way out
Buildings crumble down, tumble down to the ground
And the ruins are placed in the lost and found
Like a time vault tickin' in the back of a bank
No one seems to care, no one seems to think
Shootin' rockets into space, hot lava, cool chase
Launch another mad missile at another bad race
Throwin' trash in a landfill, toxic waste, oil spill
Like cheese in a mousetrap waitin' for the kill
Takin' on the law from a tower in the sky
Just a hot shot mortal pickin' people out to die
Playin' God with a gun, shootin' cops, havin' fun
Put a bullet in the brain, but then the war is never won
Take a chance for escape, choose your way, lead your fate
Got the sheriff and his posse on your trail to annhilate
Steel bridge, low jump, headin' for a speed bump
Tight wire, high rise, takin' on a nose dive
Jumpin' from a high cliff, jitter & quiver
Better watch out for the rocks that are lyin' in the river
Split your head in the bloodshed, now the water turns red
High fall, crack a skull, now the man is dead
Boom, boom, ba-ba-ba, bang, bang, baby
Boom, boom, ba-ba-ba, bang, bang, baby, bye, bye!
Strait jacket lunatic, poison is the medicine
Madman, brainscan, scientific evidence
Mental funk, mind junk, fusion of the conscience
Swimmin' in the sewers is the only way to knowledge
Shockwave therapy treatment for the agony
Pulse check, train wreck, gotta find a remedy
Lookin' for a new score, nothin' at the drug store
Heroin and morphine is a candy to explore
Mind blown, overdose, fallin' into comatose
Lyin' in the hospital for nothin' but another dose
Mind games, no-names, screamin' in the cold rain
Thunder is a reason for a season of new pain
Want not, fear not, monkeys in the lab rot
Tryin' to experiment for what we haven't got
Like a farmer with an axe choppin' off the chickens head
No strange behavior when the chicken is dead
There's a girl in a closet, shackled to the post
There's a body in the cellar that has turned into a ghost
Where the spirits all dance, celebration for the damned
And the demons find a scare anywhere that they can
Blood-bound skin mask lyin' on the green grass
Waitin' for the killer and the spell to be cast
There is magic in the grave once a man is cursed
But the slave turns to dust as a victim first
Of the earthbound, worm ground, waitin' to be buried
In the soil of life where the tragedy is carried
To another existence, spirits never listen
Beauty in the twilight is a shadow that glistens
Kingdoms overcome when the warlord dies
But the palace always sounds with a voice that cries
To an evil world hunger, nothing carries under,
Everything is slumber to the King of Time
Boom, boom, ba-ba-ba, bang, bang, baby
Boom, boom, ba-ba-ba, bang, bang, baby, bye, bye!