It came one day like a wicked dream
I was screaming inside my head
Laughing at the world and the rest of myself
I was thinkin I'd be better off dead
Noone understood these feelings I had
They labeled me a hopeless case
I wanted to be good, but they said I'm bad
Alone these feelings I must face

So they locked me up forever
Threw my back against the wall
I told them I was Jesus, I'd be back to kill them all
But then I started listening to the music in my head
It made me want to dance and shout
And jump right out of bed
I broke on through my padded cell
Shuffled down the hall
And when those guards had noticed me
They all began to call

Boogie in the Madhouse,
Boogie in my brain
Boogie in the Madhouse,
Let's go insane!

Look at that lunatic dancin in a straitjacket
Makin all the music as he cause all that racket
Of a mindless, spineless, crazy muthafucka
Load him up on dope and he's off his rocker
Jumpin through a window, gettin glass in his eye
Puttin guns to his head, but you know he won't die
Cuz he's happy being nothin but a psychopathic fool
Lock him up in a room and this is what he'll do - Bust out!!!