I can make you shake like a rattlesnake,
Make ya shake all night like a real big earthquake
I can blow ya away like a hurricane
I can run you over like a runaway freight train
I’m a buzzard brain, baby, get outta my way

I’m a comin down from the mountaintop
I’m gonna head for the bar, its gettin too damn hot
I’ll get a big, old beer with a double shot
Of that troublesome demon whiskey

I’m gonna wash it down with a quart of gin
I’m gonna play my cards and ya know I’ll win
I’m gonna face the devil with a mean, old grin
Though ya know that its kind of risky

I’m gonna tell that preacher he can go to hell
Or maybe go fishin at the bottom of the wishin well
Cuz the God I know is into havin fun
I’m starin at the sheriff thru the barrel of a shotgun
I’m a buzzard brain, baby, get outta my way

I’m getting hungry now, I think its time to eat
My tummy’s beggin for a little piece of meat
Make it plump and juicy, make it nice and sweet
Maybe find me a beautiful lady

I’m gonna hunt her down when she’s all alone
I’m gonna make her howl, I wanna make her moan
I’m gonna pick her flesh, I’m gonna lick her bones
I’m gonna turn her blood into gravy

I’m goin upstairs where the gettin’s good
I’m gonna have my way with the women of the neighborhood
Pretty, little girl won’t ya shake that thing
Wanna get me a taste of some real sweet poontang
I’m a buzzard brain, baby, goin down the drain