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  1. The Spirit Room


Upon a lonely hill, a town is lying still
And the shadows paint the valley down below
It’s a mystery to see with its haunted history
Where the spirits of the night have found a home

I was driving up the hill, when I felt a wicked chill
That was creepin up my flesh and in my bones
I had some time to kill, I was thirsty for a thrill
As I drove into a town they call Jerome

I stepped out of my car and I walked into a bar
The place was filled with faces just like me
I ordered up a jar and I pulled out my guitar
I strummed some chords and hummed a melody
And the voices in the air began to sing

The Spirit Room, the Spirit Room is bubbling with booze
The chics are sippin up potions as the drunks are suckin down brews
The Spirit Room, The Spirit Room will take away your blues
Where faces are glowin and liquor is flowin to shake your shady gloom
The Spirit Room, The Spirit Room will keep your buzz amused
If you’ve got the money, there’s plenty of honey & lots of drinks to choose
The Spirit Room, The Spirit Room, the king of all saloons
The dancers are groovin & bustin a move as the band breaks out a tune

The night had just begun, the crowd was having fun
And the liquor in my blood was good and strong
My thoughts were filled with lust, my mind was pretty buzzed
As I laughed and drank and sang some silly songs

I started feeling drunk and I knew I’d had enough
But the booze had now consumed my self control
I guzzled up some rum and started acting dumb
Til the bouncer told me it was time to go
So I fled the bar and headed down the road

The ladies are pretty, they’ll show you some titty,
then beat you with a broom