It’s time to pack my bags and hit the road
My brain is like a buzzard that is preyin on my soul
The summer days are movin’ much too slow
The sunlight seems to drain my mind and nothing seems to grow
I’m not lookin for salvation, I’m just lookin for a better place to go

It’s time to leave the doldrums of this town
Before I die of boredom and they bury me in the ground
Heaven knows if hell is where I’m bound
Gonna stop into my favorite saloon and buy me one more round
Then I’ll hop in my jalopy and I’ll watch that humblin sun come tumblin down

Gonna say goodbye to everyone I know
Gonna say goodbye, gonna get up and go
Gonna say goodbye to the fancy people, the rich folks and the snobs
They can take their life of luxury and keep their crappy jobs
I don’t wanna be their neighbor so I’m packin up my garage
I’m loadin up my guitars and guns,
I’m gonna tell my friends that I’m getting outta Dodge

It’s time to pack my bags and hit the trail
My brain is like a dirty bum and my soul is getting stale
Gotta keep that sheriff off my tale
Cuz I ain’t got much money and I can’t afford the bail
Cuz his idea of justice is to bust my nuts and lock my ass in jail