Mama told me, “Son, ya better go to school,
Cause you’re no fool and there’s a lot to learn
So play it straight and don’t ya lose you’re cool
Cuz Honey, you need money, get what you deserve.”
Well, I guess I gotta do it so I’ll get right to it today

Well, tomorrow came and I was feelin good
Doin everything that I said I would, yeah
I went to my classes and I learned a lot
But the very next day I decided I’m not
I guess I’m one bad habit, baby, one that’s hard to break

Well, my girl and me were gonna go on a date
I was takin care of business, I was runnin late
She said, “ Where the hell were you? Thought ya might be dead!”
Then she pushed me on the ground and kicked me in the head
I said ,”Dammit, why’d ya do that I was caught up in the traffic again?”

So she kissed me on the cheek and we were out on the town
I was feelin kind of weak and I was stumbling around
She said,”Ya had too much to drink, why don’t ya sit right down.”
But instead I started screamin at the whole damn crowd
I guess I’m one bad habit, baby, one that’s hard to break

Well, my friends say I think and drink and eat like a pig
Well, see my manners is bad and yet my stomach is big
I use my fingers for a fork so I can chew my pork and beans
If you invite me to your table then I’m eatin for free
I’ve got an appetite for livin and some call that a sin

I wear the shoe that fits as long as it feels right
I’m not tryin to annoy ya, I’m not lookin for a fight
I do what I want as long as it feels nice
My nasty reputation it’s a heavy price
Because I’m one bad habit, baby, one that’s hard to break

Well, my papa called me stupid, told me I was a jerk
Because I had no money, I was all out of work
But see the unemployment business was the one I like
And if they try to shut it down then I would go on strike
Because I’m sick of applications and the men who run the show

I lost my car and house, I even sold my will
And I was takin chances with my last dollar bill
As I used it to play a fancy slot machine
And when I saw three sevens I was seein green
I’ve got one bad habit, but I guess I’ve gotta have it to win