I’ve got a house in Arizona, it’s a beautiful place to be
I quit my job as a local farmer cuz I’d rather not work for free
Well, I did not pay my taxes and I forgot to pay the rent
I can’t afford to feed my children, I got no money, not one red cent

So now I’m sippin on a cocktail, it gives me jitters when I’m jigglin’ drunk
This life is so damn cruel and ruthless, its hard to sail when you’re ship is sunk
So now I’m sittin out on the back porch with a bottle of my favorite wine
I hear the wind of the desert callin, may the lord send me a sign

Cuz the tumblin weeds, yeah, they’ve got to roll
I can hear the breeze and man, it wants to blow
Well, I’ve lost before and I will lose again
But I need to find some peace right here…..in the tumblin weeds

You know the desert loves the sunny weather, the land a rattlesnake calls his home
I guess I’m just another wannabe cowboy, I’m like a dog without a chewin bone
But see, I got this little dream of a gold mine and all I find is just a dusty road
So then I fall in the sand and wish I wasn’t a man, I’m makin friends with a horny toad

Ya see, my luck is like the life in a ghost town, I’m just a cattlehound stuck in the west
It’s like my life was written on a tombstone, at least I found a place where I could rest
Cuz Arizona is my only playground, its like a special friend that never leaves
You see me stumblin around, but then I get no mercy when I’m beggin on my knees

For the tumblin weeds, yeah, they’ve got to roll…..

I rode my horse on into Phoenix, I played my cards, but I did not win
I lost my boots to a man named Rufus, I gave my liver to a bottle of gin
So then I rode back through the valley, I can’t remember what happened next
But when I woke up in the mornin, I was lyin by a man named Tex

I tried to run, but he started screamin, he told my I was very good in bed
I took the gun from his leather holster, the bullets ricocheted within his head
So when I hopped back on my saddle, I finally noticed that my horse was gone
And then my ass landed on a cactus, that’s when I knew where I must belong

In the tumblin weeds, yeah, they’ve got to roll…..