Ridin on the prairie, seems to make me weary
Thinkin ‘bout the good times I had
Earth starts a’quakin’, my body starts a’shakin’
Sometimes the heat can drive me mad

But in this desert valley where I dwell
Some call it heaven and others call it hell
Hot sunny mornin’s and blazin’ afternoons
Dry and rocky mountains, crisp and sandy dunes

Cacti, Scorpion, Tumbleweed, Lizard Skin
Coyote, Dry Lake, Jitterbug, Rattlesnake
Dust Clouds, Hard Stones, Hunger Feast on Cow Bones
Ghost Town, Fool’s Gold, every way the wind blows down

Well, the heat drives me crazy, it even makes me lazy
Makes me wanna slow down and rest
I shouldn’t be complainin’ about my simple strainin’
Sun sinkin’ slowly in the west

But I know when the night comes down
I’ll be a’singin’ the whole night round
Moonlight keeps me hangin on my toes
Makes me kinda wonder which way the river flows